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Have a problem with your Insurance Company under compensating the damages in your property as a homeowner? Or are you a contractor working on property repairs but the homeowner’s insurance shortchanges the compensation, leaving the policyholder at a financial loss?

What you need is a Public Adjuster:

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    Who We Are

    We are dedicated to offering our valued clients with a high-quality public adjusting service. Assuring that our clients’ property will be insured with the correct amount to be paid for replacement or repairs. Whether you are a contractor or a homeowner, we can save you time and money dealing with your insurance company.

    Licensed Public Insurance Adjusters

    With over 10 years in the industry, we put our experience to use representing Policy Holders, and our contracting partners. Whether your claim has been denied, or your claim needs to be maximized to the full extent of coverages afforded by your policy, we can help you. Some of the services we offer when representing our clients include:

    Insurance Claims

    We can help with most types of insurable losses including water and storm damage, hurricane damages, smoke, fire, tree damages, wind, and hail damage to your home, business, or property.

    Burden of Proof

    We will thoroughly review your policy, endorsements, deductibles, etc. and will even advise you against filing a claim that is excluded from coverage.


    We will generate and present professional estimates with supporting documentation for all damages sustained to your property.


    With our professional expertise, we know how to negotiate with your insurance company to ensure your claim is maximized.

    Our Process

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    Inspection & Estimate
    Our Public Adjuster will do property inspection and gather as much information as possible. The adjuster will create an estimate of damages and determine – whether residential or commercial properties. This will be used to submit the claim to the insurance company.
    Settlement Offer
    Your insurance company is obligated to make a decision within 90 days. You receive either a settlement offer, or your claim denied. We are by your side, and have your best interest in mind.
    We are ready to negotiate your settlement on your behalf. Through experience, techniques and knowledge of the industry, we can get the correct amount of settlement needed.
    Settlement Payout
    This is every property owner’s favorite part of the process, when you get paid the biggest possible settlement. We are dedicated to getting you the most for your property damage.

    Why Choose Us?

    With our 100% proven success rate and with our countless testimonials to back up our business, we are confident that we can help you receive the right compensation for the damages incurred in your property.

    Our objective is to attain the greatest levels of professionalism, success, and efficiency in any claim settlement while serving the policyholder’s best interests. We try to go above and beyond expectations, valuing ethics, respect, loyalty, integrity, responsibility, and professionalism.

    We Evaluate any form of damage covered by your insurance company

    Fire Damage evaluation

    A fire has just consumed pieces of your life. Your family gets evicted from their house. What is covered by your homeowner’s insurance policy? Do you have any idea where to begin? How will you know whether you’ll have enough money to support your family?

    Whether the fire damage is little or severe, the time and worry spent working with your insurance company can divert your attention away from your family’s immediate safety and well-being. We’ll be there for you when you need us the most.

    EARTHQUAKE destruction estimation

    An earthquake that strikes unexpectedly might cause damage to your commercial property and go undiscovered. The structural integrity of a structure can be jeopardized by even minor disturbances. This puts your workers’, any other occupants’, and your operations’ safety in jeopardy.

    Property damage from earthquakes might go unnoticed. Will the damage be correctly detected and assessed by your insurance company’s adjuster?

    Wind and Hail damage assessment

    We provide storm damage assessments related to wind, hail, tornadoes, and floods. Accessibility, method of repair, specific cause, and extent of the loss can be determined. All of these factors will be used to evaluate the cost of repair for all the damages and to obtain the correct compensation from your insurance company.

    Is your Property Insurance under compensating you for the damages?

    After natural and man-made disasters, our public adjusters have helped thousands of families, companies, and organizations rebuild their lives and save their enterprises and communities.

    We’ve used our knowledge and resources to effectively handle the complexities of each claim, record and establish its worth, and negotiate the best settlement to assist our customers recover faster.


    We only work for you, not for the insurance company. Thousands of homeowners property insurance claims have been managed and settled by our staff of adjusters for almost every sort of natural and man-made calamity.

    We approach your claim from a position of strength, meticulously managing every stage to speed the process and ensure that you receive the most amount possible to assist you restore your homes and life as quickly as possible.

    Receive all available perks.

    We can assist you in resuming your lives, families, and businesses.

    We take care of every detail when it comes to preparing and settling your claim.

    A team of experts on your side.


    When insurance companies refuse to pay appropriate compensation for hail damage, the policyholder isn’t the only one who suffers. Property owners may have waited months for an insurance payout only to receive a sum that isn’t sufficient to cover all the damages.

    When that happens, contractors can directly call us for Public Adjusting services and we will take care of the legal procedures in acquiring the correct compensation from the insurance company.

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